Anxiety & Depression

It isn’t uncommon to go through difficult times in our lives. Losing a job, ending a significant relationship, starting retirement, having a baby or even getting a promotion can all cause the blues, jitters, sleeplessness, or leave one feeling alone and afraid. These can be normal reactions to situations that are stressful.


Other people find that they experience these feelings almost daily and for no obvious reason. They find that “the blues” are unshakeable or that the anxiety is getting worse; that it becomes harder and harder to carry on with everyday tasks and daily living. People who find that their moods or anxiety interfere with their daily functioning may have a mood or anxiety disorder. Some people even have both. Still others don’t have a disorder; they’re just going through a difficult time.

Talk therapy is considered to be highly effective in giving you the skills to deal with depression and/or anxiety, and to learn new ways to think about your life and your problems. Changing the way you think about yourself and your life problems can be empowering and can help you feel more confident and alive. Mary also teaches techniques for self-calming and relaxation that can be highly beneficial for those suffering from anxiety.

You don’t have to suffer – nor should you suffer alone. There is help available. Call today to find out if talk therapy can be helpful in solving your depression and anxiety.

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