Areas of Focus

Therapy for Emotional Trauma
Life is filled with surprises, some good, some not so good. A sudden death, witnessing a horrific event, sexual or physical abuse, being the victim of a crime, even a car accident – can leave us feeling as though our very existence has been threatened. These kinds of experiences sometimes have a lasting impact.  Read more here

Anxiety and Depression
It isn’t uncommon to go through difficult times in our lives. Losing a job, ending a significant relationship, starting retirement, having a baby or even getting a promotion can all cause the blues, jitters, sleeplessness, or leave one feeling alone and afraid. These can be normal reactions to situations that are stressful. Read more here

Couples Counseling
When you try to communicate with your partner do you feel as though he or she speaks a different language? Do your attempts at communication result in conflict?  Do you want to better understand your partner and your partner to understand you?  Read more here

Grief and Loss
Grief is a complicated process.  Whether you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one through death or divorce, or you’ve lost someone or something else in another way, the process of adjusting to the changes you feel can be long and exhausting. Read more here

Substance Abuse and Addiction
One of the hardest things for any of us to admit is that we’re struggling with substance abuse.  Admitting you have a problem managing cravings for a particular substance or substances may feel shameful or embarrassing.  Read more here